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The Tag Fitting Tool
Click here to find out how Brightworks developed a tool to fit the 'OPID' tag to offenders.

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Design for Manufacture
Brightworks has close links with manufacturers in Europe and the Far East that provide cost effective production solutions.


Electronic Offender Tag Design

Electronic offender tags have to survive and operate in some of the harshest environments imaginable, where extreme conditions and the potential for product misuse are very much an everyday occurrence.

Plastics Industry Award Winner Logo 2005

The 'OPID' tag design is: -

  • tamper resistant and tamper evident
  • heat, vibration and chemical resistant
  • waterproof to IP68
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • uses hypoallergenic materials throughout

The 'OPID' tag was winner of the UK Plastics Industry's Industrial Product Design Award in 2005.

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