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medical device development
Medical Product Design
See how Brightworks created a nasal spray concept design for OptiNose's breath actuated drug delivery device.

product design development
Design Development
Brightworks can generate innovative and creative solutions for your design needs using computer aided design.

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"Practice safe design:
Use a concept."

Petrula Vrontikis

concept generation

Concept generation is a pivotal stage in the design process, where early decisions can have a large impact on the final product. As such Brightworks team of creative designers take great care and pride in producing a range of concepts that take into consideration all aspects of the initial design brief, any requests the client may have, and our own design interpretation. We have the knowledge of how to design for particular target markets, understand the subtleties of colour and form on aesthetics and can produce ideas that conform to a brand identity.
electronic product details This phase may consist of a range of sketches to early 3D CAD models and can sometimes span over several design iterations. We aim to keep the client involved as much as possible to ensure the final outcome is exactly as imagined, providing you with the confidence to proceed with the development of the design.
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