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medical device development
Nasal Spray
OptiNose's breath actuated drug delivery device.

birthing baby
Birthing Baby
The Birthing Baby is an obstetric training aid for emergency situations.

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"(the design process) is about designing and prototyping and making. When you separate those, I think the final result suffers."

Jonathan Ive, March, 2012

rapid prototyping

At Brightworks, prototyping is a core process that we believe can be a vital step in a product's development. Our in-house workshop facilities and our extensive experience of multiple rapid prototyping methods, enable us to produce a wide variety of models that can fulfill your project requirements. Prototyping can be used to validate mechanical principles, provide fully functional visual models, or for verification prior to tooling investment for production.

The specialists on our team can manage every stage of the prototyping process: -

  • Design: Generating a 3D CAD model, mechanisms, tolerances and technical drawings.
  • Finish: Providing advice on colours, materials and finishes.
  • Sourcing: Whether in-house or utilising one of our close linked Rapid prototyping companies, we can isolate the best technique to produce the model required.
  • Checking: Our quality control process ensure all the parts meet your project specifications.
  • Assembly: Our workshop facilities enable us to assemble your parts to your requirements.
  • Testing: To get the most out of your prototypes we can advise and undertake a range of tests that can isolate certain concerns and increase confidence moving forward.
  • Timescale: At Brightworks we understand the importance of deadlines, that's why our core team of designers and close linked partners provides a flexible network that can meet your next project milestone.

With our range of services and expertise we can help drive project momentum forwards, whether that be for investment, sales, or getting ready for production.

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