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3d CAD development
Design Development
Click here to see how we use 3D CAD modelling software to develop our products.

conceptual design
Concept Generation
How Brightworks can come up with innovative and creative solutions to your design needs.

consumer product design

Over the years our experienced team of designers and engineers have worked on a wide range of consumer product areas including: -
  • Consumer healthcare
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home & garden products
  • Pet care
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

At Brightworks we understand the importance of brand equity, how it relates to new product development and how to balance product styling and manufacturing cost against robustness and quality, as appropriate.

Our accomplished team makes use of research to deeply understand not only the needs and requirements of users, but also their subliminal motivations and aspirations.

Our expert designers are able to conceive and engineer compelling products that resonate with consumers and focus on providing engaging and satisfying user experiences, rather than becoming preoccupied with the technology that provides this.

Our strategic approach and unique development process help to ensure that our designs remain focused on three fundamental points for commercial success: manufacturing cost, user experience and brand projection.

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