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Vivid Products - Winkku

Combined Bicycle Indicator and Rear-view Mirror

The Winkku is designed to improve cycle safety by providing the user with increased spatial awareness and control when turning.

The rear-view mirror helps the cyclist to assess traffic conditions without having to glance over their shoulder, whilst the indicator lights allows them to signal to other road users their intention to turn without removing their hand from the handlebars. All this helps them maintain better control of their bicycle - particularly useful on uneven road surfaces - and to stay safe.

bicycle accessory designcycling design In this particular case Vivid Products had their own in-house design team that produced the initial product concept design. But they decided to use Brightworks to develop and engineer the product based on our reputation, in-depth knowledge and expertise for 3D CAD modelling and design for manufacturing & assembly.

Brightworks used SolidWorks for CAD modelling and produced stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototypes for initial testing and evaluation. The handlebar bracket allows the product to be used on a wide range of different handlebar styles and permits fine angle adjustment to suit the user.

One novel aspect is that the same component parts can be configured at point of manufacture to make either a left handed or a right handed unit.

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