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Lansinoh - Affinity®

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Double Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is generally accepted as the healthiest option for feeding newborn babies. In modern times however it is not always easy for mothers to maintain this natural process - pressures to return to work and a round the clock feeding regime make it very difficult to continue.

The Affinity suction pump provides mothers with the option to express breast milk quickly and efficiently and at their convenience.

The lightweight and portable Affinity can be used as a single or double pump, and it is mains or battery operated.

The pump has 2 separate phases that simulate a baby's natural sucking pattern and a quick change button which allows the user to easily switch between the initial stimulation (let-down) phase and the expression phase. The pump has 8 suction and 6 cycle settings which together provide an unprecedented level of control of the suction pattern for maximum comfort and efficiency.

The pump is extremely easy to use and the simple interface is icon based; meaning that it may be used in any language without translation. The backlit controls make it easy to use under low light conditions and at night.

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