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industrial product design

With a wide range of experience spanning several decades, Brightworks industrial design and new product development team have built up a reputation and number of examples of our product design work in the industrial and capital goods market sector.

The products we have developed cover a wide variety of different areas within this market sector, including: -

  • Building and construction products
  • Offshore and marine product engineering
  • Mechanical and civil engineering products
  • Hi-tech electronics and telecommunications equipment
  • Special purpose machines
  • Professional tools and equipment
  • Test equipment and jigs & fixtures
In this market sector safety and robustness are often critical requirements. Ease of use (including misuse) and intuitive interface design are important to ensure that users can operate often complex products with little or no training.

These products are often produced in low volumes but none the less cost sensitive, Brightworks is able to design appropriately and to select suitable materials and manufacturing processes to help ensure commercial viability in this highly competitive B2B market.

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