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Brand Integration
Brightworks design for brand projection across a range of products.

breast pump design
Brand Identity
How Brightworks integrated the Lansinoh brand into the design on the breast pump.

product design quote

"The product is the brand. You build brand in our industry through the product and the experience"

Jim Wicks, Motorola, 2006

brand integration

Brightworks offer a range of graphical services to ensure your brand is reflected on your product. This can be as simple as applying a logo to the most effective area, or styling a range of products to group them in a family. Brand identity is increasingly more important in today's cluttered market place, making sure users can identify your product amongst the rest. brand identity

Our team of designers can portray brand values and identity through meticulous design and calculated placement of graphics, typography, iconography and colours. We can investigate the most effective way to communicate information across to the user and apply it to a product's interface, providing a simple and intuitive experience for the end user.

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