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Material Selection
Click here to find more about how Brightworks' expertise in material selection can benefit your project.

healthcare product design
Healthcare Product Design
Producing production specifications within the healthcare sector.

product design quote

"Good design is thorough down to the last detail."

Dieter Rams, 1978

production specification

When taking a product through to production, there can be a lot of documentation needed for the manufacturing partners and project admin. Brightworks' team of engineering designers are experts in creating production drawings to British Standards BS8888.

With the majority of manufacturing based outside of the UK, we understand the importance of clear and precise drawings so that information is not lost through communication errors. Our drawings provide all the data required for prototyping, production or tooling development, reducing the amount of correspondence required during a time when timescales are increasingly more demanding.

All our designs are subject to our robust design process, where we calculate the tolerance stacks and geometric tolerances to ensure that the parts that come back from production assemble and fit together. Through this process we can identify tolerances that can be widened to ease the strain on production and reduce the scrap rate.

Brightworks can also create other project documentation such as Bill of Materials and Product Specifications.

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