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production specification
Production Specification
Brightworks can produce all specifications and documentation for production.

supplier sourcing
Supplier Sourcing
How Brighworks can source the suppliers for your next project.

product design quote

"Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures."

Tom Peters

manufacturing liaison

Brightworks provide ongoing support throughout the production process, acting as a liaison with your manufacturer. This enables Brightworks to oversee the production of the parts and also respond to any queries or adjustments that may arise. If problems do arise during production, our close liaison with your preferred manufacturer enables changes to be made quickly and in a cost effective manner. manufacturing liaison

Brightworks can clearly communicate across any specialist production requirements to the supplier. Our accurate technical drawings and CAD data ensure minimal impact when transferring data over to third party manufacturers.

Brightworks have taken numerous products to market and have been liaising with manufactures for over 20 years. This experience and knowledge allow us to give expert advice on critical decisions that may need to be made during this process. This advice gives our clients clear and defined decisions to make, which we can then communicate back to the manufacturers.

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