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Limbs & Things - birthing baby

Obstetric Training Manikin

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In the field of obstetrics, it has been identified from research into suboptimal patient outcomes that common contributory factors include: confusion in roles and responsibilities; failure to prioritise and perform clinical tasks in a structured, coordinated manner; poor communication and lack of organisation support.

Simulation training has therefore gained increased acceptance and the "SimMom" system, developed jointly by Limbs & Things and Laerdal, provides a full scale, interactive, dynamic and engaging practice tool for healthcare professionals to train for emergency birthing situations.

medical training manikin Brightworks and Limbs & Things worked together on the "Birthing Baby" manikin design, which is the focal part of the "SimMom" system and is intended to mimic the movement, articulation and handling of a real newborn baby.

The head, body & limbs of the Birthing Baby were meticulously hand sculpted. These parts were then 3D scanned and integrated with engineered joints and other parts using 3D CAD.

The Birthing Baby includes several key anatomical features (including: fontanelles, sutures, open mouth, hips, scapulae and clavicles), the head is suitable to practice forceps and suction deliveries, and the arms, legs and head articulate realistically. The flexibility, hardness, density and weight distribution of the skin, limbs and joints closely replicate those of a real baby.

The Birthing Baby is simple and easy to use; it allows users to build basic to advanced level scenarios appropriate for required learning objectives and, together with the SIM Mom, presents a total solution for simulation training in a risk free obstetric environment.

The Birthing Baby was a Finalist in the 2012 Plastic Industry Awards and won the 2012 Horners Award for Plastics Design and Innovation.

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