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Ecoegg - Dryer Egg

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Tumble Dryer Ball

The Dryer Egg is a simple device that reduces the time it takes to dry clothes in a tumble dryer - saving consumers’ time and electricity and ultimately providing considerable savings and helping the environment.

Wet clothes naturally clump together in a tumble dryer and the dryer eggs helps to lift and separate the clothes inside the drum. This means that the air can more readily move around the clothes and so dry them more quickly.

The nodules on the outside of the eggs are specially designed to gently lift the fibres, helping to reduce stiffness created by washing and gently softening the clothes naturally without the use of chemical fabric softeners.

The egg further contains a heat activated fragrance sticks which gently infuses a delicate scent into the clothes without involving any harsh chemicals.

ecoegg Brightworks quickly generated several initial design concept options for discussion with the client and the preferred option was CAD modelled and sent to our client’s Far East manufacturing partner for comment.

Brightworks’ detailed knowledge and understanding of plastic injection moulding and toolmaking proved invaluable in developing and 3D CAD modelling the complex geometry of the nodules and holes that cover the exterior surface of the egg.

Brightworks made rapid prototypes to validate certain critical design factors before finalising the specification of each component part for production. Our client then carried out extensive product testing, using a pre-production sample batch of parts, to confirm proper function.

More recently Ecoegg have moved full scale production of the dryer egg back to the UK and were winners of the Smarta 100 Special Award for Innovation in 2012.

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