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Domestic Power Monitoring System

enModus is a startup company that envisage a radical new way for us to communicate with our homes and have developed a innovative technology, called Wattwave, to allow us to interact with everything from our heating, lighting and electrical appliances to our security and safety systems, from anywhere in the world.

Wattwave is a two-way communications technology that utilizes the electrical supply around the home to securely connect every electrical item in a home to web and smartphone applications through a broadband router. Wattwave has been specifically designed for the Smarthome, so there are no compromises; no range issues, no interference issues, just seamless connectivity between a user and their home.

electronic The Sensenode is a simple, ultra low cost and minimally invasive part of the Wattwave system that connects between the electricity supply and an appliance in the home. It provides information about the status and usage of that appliance and also allows the user to interact with that appliance from a remote location.

The challenge for Brightworks was to design a custom enclosure that would be as small as possible and have minimal impact on people's homes but still look as elegant and sophisticated as possible.

Brightworks team of product designers and design engineers worked closely with enModus' electronic design team to integrate the circuit board into the custom enclosure and to miniaturise the mechanical package. Brightworks also developed a novel connection method, between the circuit board and the power connection pins, to reduce production assembly time.

The Brightworks team were able to design cost out and make an enclosure assembly that has minimal number of parts, which exceeds British Safety Standard BS1363 and is also designed for high volume production and low cost manufacture and assembly.

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