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Animaware - AnimAlarm

Temperature Monitor for the Protection of Animals

The AnimAlarm is temperature monitoring device that is designed primarily for alerting animal owners of any adverse increase or decrease in temperature that may affect the well-being of their animals.

The device uses mobile phone technology to send text message alerts to the user and is battery operated, making it completely portable and easy to use in any remote location.

electronic product details Brightworks' design team worked together with 3rd party electronics engineers and software designers to develop the product from first concept through to production.

Brightworks produced a number of initial design concepts based on thorough market and user research. The preferred concept option was then developed using 3D CAD modelling and rapid prototyping. A number of working prototypes were produced using batch production techniques, for testing and RF approval, before proceeding to full scale production.

Brightworks' team of interaction and graphic design specialists also developed a simple and intuitive user interaction hierarchy and the graphic user interface, including keypad layout, graphic design and button iconography.

The robust plastic enclosure and was kept as simple as possible to ensure minimum unit cost and it comprises just 2 simple injection mouldings.

The product is manufactured entirely in the UK and is now shipping to a worldwide market.

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