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medical visual model
Visual Mechanical Model
See how Brightworks created a nasal spray concept design for OptiNose's breath actuated drug delivery device.

electroinc product prototyping
Visual Electroinc Model
The AnimAlarm is a new electronic monitor designed to protect animals.

visual models

Visual models vary from basic mock ups to production representations, but usually are intended to look like the finished product but have limited to no functionality. Visual models are crucial in gaining confidence in a chosen design and play a pivotal role in creating interest among investors, clients, or consumers. Visual model

Our extensive experience in 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping techniques allows us to advise you on the best process to achieve the finish and quality you require. Be it SLA, SLS or CNC machining, we can prototype your product to the desired level of finish.

When creating a visual model, the colour, material and finish have a large impact on the final look of the design. Our understanding of market trends and specific user groups can help you through the difficult decision of colour choice. The finish provides the touch and feel to how we interact with the product, which can play a crucial role in the perceived quality. We can provide models that represent finish and feels of final production parts, allowing you to carefully assess these important factors.

With the increasing large selection of rapid prototyping materials available, most specific criteria required can now be prototyped, such as; flexibility, strength, or opacity.

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