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power monitor design
Design Developement
The enModus domestic power monitor is set revolutionise how we interact with our homes.

cycle safety design
Product Development
The Winkku is designed to improve cycle safety through increased spatial awareness and user control.

product design quote

"Prototyping is the shorthand of design."

Tom Kelley, IDEO

development models

These interim prototypes are commonly created along the development process. These are used to check the progress of the design, assess potential problem areas, and learn from any new design features. development prototype

Brightworks produce a range of development prototypes on a regular basis. Our knowledge of design and rapid prototyping techniques ensure we get the most out of every model produced. Each one of our models created has a defined purpose, allowing Brightworks and our clients to make clear and calculated decisions, to progress the project onto the next stage.

Development models can be produced by a range of rapid prototyping processes and materials depending on the individual requirement of each model. Stereolithograph (SLA) is an RP process that we commonly use for prototypes due to its accuracy and resilient resin material. Fused Deposition Material (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) are also some other processes that are widely used for their speed and mechanical properties.

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