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electronic power monitoring device
Fully Functioning Model
Brightworks' design of several fully functioning prototypes were key in this project's development.

animal temperature alarm
Pre-Production Prototypes
Brightworks' design of batch pre-production prototypes increased the product's speed to market.

fully functioning models / pre-production

A fully functional model tends to be the final stage of prototyping and usually aims to incorporate all the features and functionality of the final production parts. These can be one-offs, or in most cases produced in small batches. pre-production prototype

Batch production can be done at a prototyping stage through resin casting or prototype tooling, with a wider range of materials than rapid prototyping alone. These processes allow for multiple prototypes to be made to a high standard, without the significant investment of full production tooling.

Brightworks have a network of trusted suppliers who regularly provide us with these services for our clients. This close relationship allows us to control and manage every stage of this process to ensure the desired end product is created.

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